GiliSoft USB Lock 12.3.2 Crack + Activation Key [Free Download] 2023

GiliSoft USB Lock 12.3.2 Crack + [Activation Key]

GiliSoft USB Lock Crack

GiliSoft USB LockCrack is a technology phenomenon that we take for gifted. Not too prolonged ago, before everyone had credentials to gigabytes and terabytes of repository power, data was stowed on rewritable CDs and DVDs when portability was required. They were bulky, fragile, and with minimal repository abilities.

GiliSoft USB Lock Activation KeyΒ is a data leak precluding implement that stems your data from leaking and copying on USB dreams (Android phone/iPhone), outer campaigns, CDs/DVDs, or other portable devices. Once installed, USB Lock allows you to lock all drives and devices that do not belong to you. USB Lock can stop theft or hacking and communicate your PC with anyone without fear of data stealing.

But while the USB drive made life easier, it had its drawbacks: it was soon accessible to everyone, including hackers and malicious users, it became the medium of choice for infectious code for data exploitation or theft, and the chosen device for employees who steal or leak data. This easy USB closed software, and influential endpoint DLP suite enables you to barricade USB harbors, make DVD/CD burners read-only, block some websites, ban some programs and disable more devices.

GiliSoft USB Lock Crack [Free Download]

GiliSoft USB Lock Product KeyΒ is a Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) tool that stops the unauthorized output of sensitive data by blocking its copy on storage devices such as USB drives, phones (Android or iOS), optical discs (CD or DVD), external drives or any other portable data storage devices.

Lock USB/SD drives. Disable reading from USB/SD drives or disable writing to USB/SD drives. It does not allow any USB/SD drive to access your computer unless you allow it or it has been safely listed as a trusted device. Lock the USB port to protect data from being copied or stolen. Disable reading data from USB drives and writing to USB drives. Please do not allow any USB drive to access your computer unless you authorize it.

GiliSoft USB Lock Licence Key is a detailed leak-precluding tool that controls your data from spreading and copying on USB drives (Android phone/iPhone), external drives, CD/DVD, or other similar portable devices, “and it’s an app.

GiliSoft USB Lock Crack [For Windows]

There are more than ten alternatives to GiliSoft USB Lock Registration Key for various platforms, including Windows, Lock CD, lock media, and Blu-ray discs. Disable reading DVD/CDs or make the DVD/CD burner read-only. This application also locks any drive using the drive hub, bay, combo, or CD/DVD drive and assigns a drive letter. Allowlist of trusted devices. You can create an allowlist for “specifically approved USB flash.

Then it will block all USB drives except the safelists ones. Reports and records. USB Lock provides comprehensive information and logs: (1) USB Activity – Monitor all file operations (such as creating deleted files) on all USB drives connected to your computer. (2) Deny and allow access history. (3) White List of Activities. Website blocking. Block access to a “blocked page,” and the original page’s content is not loaded on their PC.

GiliSoft USB Lock Crack [ Latest Version]

Also, this is an easy USB secure software and influential endpoint DLP suite that enables you to barricade USB harbors, make DVD/CD burner read-only, intercept some websites, ban some programs and disable more. Devices. Folder Lock is security software that helps you password-protect files, shred files, clean history, encrypt personal documents, and much more.

This data leak prevention tool prevents your data from leaking and copying portable devices. It allows you to block all drives and devices that do not belong to you. With USB Lock, Android, Android Tablet, iPad, and Mac. The best alternative is USBGuard, which is free and open source. Other great apps like GiliSoft USB Lock Free Downloader are Folder Lock, USB Block, Hide Files, and MyUSBOnly.

GiliSoft USB Lock Crack

Key Features:

  • Beneficial and dependable software that will allow you to safeguard your UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS drives, CDs, DVDs, and floppy devices.
  • Capacity to block study and create from UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS disks like external hard disk drives and flash memory space.
  • It helps to keep your info from obtaining spilled out to UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS runs and other capacity devices by allowing you to handle which device can get to your PERSONAL COMPUTER while blocking all other unapproved devices that do not have a spot with you.
  • Noticeable your apple iphone and Android gadget.
  • We accept emails as notifications. Pop-ups in multiple languages accompany user actions upon login.
  • Wearing them on their ankles prevents children from accessing inappropriate websites.
  • You cannot get your system up and running unless it has sustained extensive damage.
  • Protects all types of removable drives with its modern and professional interface.
  • Due to the increased use of devices, computer virus infections have reached unprecedented levels.
  • We also block users from transferring information using USB devices. System files cannot be accessed.
  • Users already have the power to permit or prohibit receiving from and programming to Removable media and storage media.
  • Enhance their reliable memory chips towards a gray list as a result, and subsequently, customers won’t be prompted for grant outcomes.
  • GiliSoft Universal Secure 10 Keene may disable record burners, Cd players, Voss tapes, memory sticks, and readers.
  • Since consumers may conceal from an interface in such a setting, no person would uninstall this program.
  • Multiple erroneous credential entries trigger frightening messages to the online account visitors submitted.
  • These function guards against the movement of their essential records and files toward a dangerous central warehouse.
  • Additionally, consumers can halt infected computers like Ever note, Windows Vista, Messenger, Chromium, Exchange, Netscape, and similar ones.

More Features:

  • Block USB Drives:
  • Disable reading from USB disks or disable writing to USB disks.USB Lock doesn’t allow any USB drive to access your computer unless you authorize it. By default, all kinds of USB drives are blocked, including external drives, FireWire, Enhanced mini-USB, Host Controller Interface (HCI), HP-IL, Com, LPT, IrDA, USB on-the-go, U3, EHCI, RAID Controller, Host adapter, Serial Cable (use with data transfer), Serial ATA, ACCESS.bus and any storage device that is attached to USB port showing a drive in the system.
  • CD Lock, Block Media & Bluray Discs:
  • Disable reading from DVD/CDs or make DVD/CD burner read-only. The application also blocks any disc that uses the disk hub, bay, combo, or CD/DVD drive and allots a drive letter, for example, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RAM, DVDR, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HDR, HD-RW, HD-RAM, Blu Ray-R, Blu Ray-RW, Blu Ray-RAM, Floppy Disk A, Floppy Disk B, and Zip Drives.

What’s New?

  • Improved security precautions.
  • Enhanced customer experience and performance.
  • Additional information safeguarding mechanisms.
  • Consider writing assistance.
  • Getting rid of accidents that lead to bad conduct.
  • Certain advancements will halt after vulnerabilities are eliminated.
  • Using Doors 10, consumers could now effortlessly engage and remove personal telephones.
  • Users could convert the desktop application into their unique language, and educational resources have been included.
  • Each program can be installed or removed from every computer.
  • Numerous errors and issues were resolved.

System Requirement:

  • Free disk space of 50 MB for installation
  • At least 256 MB memory or above (recommended 512 MB)
  • Intel Core Processor for faster running
  • 32-bit & 64bit Windows operating system

Activation Key:


Product key:


Serial key


Registration Key:


Β How to Crack?

  • Primarily, download the gilisoft-usb-lock.exe.
  • Next, extract all the files using WinZip or a built-in window app.
  • Now, open the setup file and begin the installation.
  • Once completed, close it, and rerun the app.
  • Use the given codes to register or run keygen.
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